Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Time!

     Okay, so I know I said I was going to be a better blogger. But this time, it wasn't my fault. My computer crapped out on me and I only just got it back last week. I lost precious blogging time through November and December and it totally stinks. So now I have to do the catch up!

     Where to start? Ah yes, Santa Claus. What a difference a year makes. Last Christmas, Jordan was frightened of Santa. We would walk by him in the mall and wave, but when asked if she wanted to sit with him, she would immediately balk and adamantly say:

"No, Mama! No Santa! "

     I'll admit, I was a little disappointed, but when it comes to choosing my battles, that is not one worth fighting. This year, however, we could hardly contain her. Due to my nutty work schedule during the Christmas season, our tree was up the first weekend of November. Jordan was giddy with excitement.

"Santa's coming, Mama! Santa's coming!"

"What does Santa bring you?"


"Do you want your picture with Santa this year?"

"Oh yes, Mom!"

She could hardly wait for Santa to come to the mall. Every day she would come home from school and insist on listening to Christmas music, on WROR of course. ("Boston's Favorite Christmas Songs, Mama!") When he finally arrived after Thanksgiving, we took the kids to see him. I had to stand behind her in line and hold her back so she wouldn't jump the other kids in front of her. When it was their turn, she got a little nervous, but still went up and sat at his feet. She gave us a big smile, despite her brother's sobbing, and we got a fabulous picture!

Jordan was an absolute delight on Christmas Eve at Gammie and Gumpy's house. She was on her best behavior and played wonderfully with her cousins PJ, Malik and Nathaniel. She was absolutely enamored, however, with her cousin Ashleigh! She dutifully followed her Auntie Heather around, wanting to help with everything from wiping Ashleigh's nose (she had a cold) to changing her diaper.  Ashleigh thought Jordan was a riot, giggling, smiling and cooing at her older cousin. Jordan even helped tuck Ashleigh in for her nap, climbing the gate and following my sister and I upstairs to the pack n' play in Mom and Dad's room. She then patiently sat through dinner, mothering her cousins at the kids' table ("Eat your dinner. Finish your milk. Turn around, please, thank you!") and did great opening gifts afterward. We left Gammie and Gumpy's around 8:30 that night and she chattered the whole way home, in contrast to her brother who promptly fell asleep as soon as we pulled out of the driveway. When we got home, she helped us set out cookies and egg nog for Santa and went to bed like a good girl.
Christmas Eve at Gammie and Gumpy's

Auntie Heather, Jordan and Ashleigh!

She actually hopped the gate that morning (another story for another time)  and pulled hers and her brother's presents out while she waited for us to get up. She exclaimed when we opened our bedroom door:

 "Santa came, Mama!"
My crown matches Rapunzel's!

Peek-a-boo in her Princess hut!
Happy to open presents!

We all excitedly opened our presents, her favorites being her bean bag chair and her Rapunzel crown and necklace. We then went to Grammie and Gimpie's house, where we spent another 2.5 hours (not kidding) opening gifts. Johnny gave up after 45 minutes and took a nap, but Jordan perservered. She was showered with more Rapunzel gifts and other various toys,  and so many clothes between her and her brother that we were able to restock their drawers. She had a such a good time playing with her Grammie that by the time we got home, she was so tired she went straight to bed without  a fight.

All in all it was a fabulous holiday, and we hope that everyone enjoyed theirs as much as we enjoyed ours!

Merry Christmas, 2011!!


Jordan's new favorite station, Christmas time and any time!

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